How to Use and Clean an Induction


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Last Updated: February 27, 2023, 18:29 IST

To use induction with safety, it is also necessary to clean it regularly.

To use induction with safety, it is also necessary to clean it regularly.

Using an induction appliance for the first time, you must follow these 5 important instructions carefully.

So many of us use induction stoves for cooking purposes, and all people often make some mistakes while using electronic items for the first time. If you don’t follow the instructions, you may damage the appliances. Here are tips and tricks on how to use induction appliances and the right way of cleaning these items.

Use the right utensils: Unlike gas stoves and cylinders, not all utensils can be used on induction. Many people use old and aluminium utensils while cooking on induction. But it may take more time to cook the food or it may not support or heat the utensil and by doing so, your induction can also get spoiled quickly. That is why it is better to keep utensils that are specially made for induction use.

Keep light things only: Some people unknowingly keep heavy utensils or heavy things on induction for cooking. Due to this, the induction gets spoiled quickly. That’s why it is instructed to keep only light things while cooking on induction and this will not damage the appliance.

Do not use local induction: To save money, some people buy induction appliances from a local company or from the markets. But local inductions get damaged quickly as well as are complicated to use. So while buying an induction, choose a good brand product. Also, do not forget to check its warranty.

Clean the induction: To use induction with safety, it is also necessary to clean it regularly. For this, soak a hand towel or cloth in water and squeeze it. Now clean the induction base with this cloth.

To remove the hard stains or white splotches from your cooktop or induction, you can use vinegar or cleaning solutions. For this, firstly moisten a dry cloth dipping in a white vinegar mix, and apply it to the stains. Let the vinegar settle for a few seconds, then rub the stains and wipe the induction with another clean cloth.

Clean the blower: Along with cleaning the induction, it is also important to keep its blower clean. For this, after cooking, clean the induction blower with the help of a dry toothbrush. This will remove the dust accumulated in the blower and your induction will do long-lasting work.

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