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Almost all of the Indian telecom companies have their numbers starting with 9. This number’s ruling planet Mars is very important. It helps a person recognize his true aim in life and adorns him with his true persona. It makes one well behaved and make him an ideal man. It gives him ability to think bigger and higher things. It widens his horizon and makes open minded. If a work is not done as planned, he becomes impatient. Such people become impulsive and say just anything that comes to their mind or start quarrelling.

Let us see what the occurrence of 9 in your mobile number indicates.

When no. 9 appears once

If there is one 9 in the mobile number then it creates strong desire to move ahead in life to fulfill this dreams. They are ready to do anything for self improvement. They are capable of turning all their dreams into reality. They have pure thoughts, a great mind and also will power required for doing this.

When no. 9 appears twice

Presence of 9 twice in a mobile number makes one very idealistic, alerts and intelligent and are often criticized by others. They do not like to mix up well with others much and think very high of themselves. They think they are much better than the rest. They sometime behave like a big shots.

When no. 9 appears thrice

They have tremendous ability to exaggerate things. That is why they make a mountain out of a molehill. They spend without thinking much about the consequences. To make a good impression in front of others. They believe in doing unusual stuff. They hardly listen to what others have to say. They always help others if they feel like they can give away everything they have for others.

When no. 9 appears four or more

It does not have a very positive effect on the personality of the person having this kind of combination. Excess effect of the planet Mars makes him still lost in his own world, hesitate in sharing his problem with other people. With this kind of mobile number, he considers themselves highly rated and tend recoil into a shell. They live in their own dreams and shy away from socializing. Finally they become very complex and troubled.

When no. 9 is missing

If there is no 9 in mobile number, then the person does not feel pity for anyone, becomes cold hearted and completely detached. He is not receptive to others needs, thus there is no attachment. These people are impulsive to petty things and stability in life remains distant dream.

If the sum total is 9

This number makes one intelligent, he is able to use his mind well, it give strength to his ideas and he gains name, fame and success. This is a number of kind hearted, well behaved and good human beings. The number 9 makes him somewhat innovative and proud and you really generally feels very lonely.

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